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Advanced Surround View from Continental ProViu 360 Makes Driving Safer for Commercial Vehicles and RVs


Advanced Surround View from Continental ProViu 360 Makes Driving Safer for Commercial Vehicles and RVs

  • 2nd generation, all digital system delivers 360 degree bird’s eye view of vehicle in HD
  • Makes driving easier and safer, reducing driver stress and risk of accidents

Allentown, PA November 8, 2021 - Continental, a leading global supplier of systems, components, and tires to automobile, truck, and agriculture/construction equipment manufacturers, and a trusted provider of OE-engineered aftermarket parts, has just introduced the next generation of its innovative surround view camera technology. The new ProViu® 360 2nd Generation Surround View System delivers a full digital capability that gives drivers even sharper and higher quality images in HD resolution so they can easily and safely monitor their entire vehicle and its surroundings at a single glance. 

This new system is an ideal solution for reducing driver stress and increasing efficiency in commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, buses, and recreational vehicles.

As a specialist in the fields of video processing, display technology, and camera applications, Continental combines all its expertise into the components of the ProViu 360 to create an advanced safety solution for vehicle monitoring.

The new ProViu 360 camera system’s 360-degree capability maximizes the field of view and eliminates the blind spots. Using four high-performance HD automotive cameras to cover every direction around the vehicle, ProViu 360 creates a virtual bird’s eye view of the entire vehicle in real time. The enhanced HD resolution image is displayed in dynamic 3D views on a 10” HD touch screen monitor for easy viewing by the driver.

Improved vehicle safety, security, and efficiency

ProViu 360 can be used while the vehicle is in motion or standing still. It makes drivers fully aware of everything that’s happening around the vehicle when loading, unloading, or maneuvering through traffic. This capability gives drivers a better view of pedestrians, other vehicles, and obstacles, so that the vehicle or equipment can be operated in a much safer manner.

The Continental ProViu 360 2nd Generation Surround View System is easy to set up and simple to calibrate. It is compatible with CAN-Bus and other GPIOs and features a flexible software tool chain for easy customization to meet specific customer requirements.

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