ATE Brake Fluids Engineered for Quick Response and Reliability in All Types of Brake Systems

  • Specially formulated for electronic, hydraulic, and racing systems
  • Boiling points and viscosity exceed legal specifications
  • High-quality additives for corrosion protection and sealing compatibility


Allentown, PA June 21, 2022 – Continental offers an exceptional line of ATE replacement brake fluids featuring special formulations designed to help maximize brake system performance in all types of electronic, hydraulic, and racing systems. The full line includes ATE Super DOT 5.1, the technological standard for brake fluids; ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid, the ideal replacement for ESP, ABS, and ASR electronic brake systems; ATE SL for hydraulic brake and clutch systems; and ATE TYP 200 for high performance and racing applications.

ATE Super DOT 5.1 Premium Brake Fluid’s innovative formulation sets a new performance standard for brake fluids. It combines a high wet boiling point of 356 ºF with outstanding viscosity at very low temperatures to deliver a capability that previous brake fluids were unable to achieve. With a maximum of 750 mm²/sec. at -40 ºF, ATE Super DOT 5.1 viscosity values exceed even those of ISO Class 6, which are well above the specifications for DOT 5.1 class brake fluids.

ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid is the optimum replacement for DOT 4 fluid in ESP, ABS, and ASR brake systems. Its low-viscosity texture allows electronic brake systems to react more quickly for improved safety. ATE SL.6 offers excellent application coverage for the advanced braking systems used in high-end vehicle makes and models.

ATE SL Brake Fluid is an excellent DOT 4 replacement for use as hydraulic fluid in brake and clutch systems. It features a mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers, polyethylene glycols, and boric acid esters of polyethylene glycols with anti-corrosion / anti-aging agents. ATE SL meets and exceeds the requirements of the brake fluid standards FMVSS-No. 116 – DOT 4, SAE J1704 and ISO 4925, Class 4, among others.

ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid exceeds all DOT 4 standards and excels under the extreme demands of high-performance driving. Compatible with all DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 brake fluids. The formula delivers a minimal drop in boiling point due to outstanding water binding properties that result in a long-lasting fluid that can provide optimal performance for up to three years under normal highway driving conditions. The high wet and dry boiling points make this fluid an excellent choice for street driven vehicles as well.

“ATE Brake Fluids are the result of many years of experience and expertise in developing OE brake systems,” notes Dan Caciolo, Head of Product Management at Continental. “The viscosity, boiling point, and pressure behavior of our fluids interact perfectly to allow the braking system to react quickly and reliably in any application. Our boiling points and viscosity exceed legal specifications, while our high-quality additives help deliver outstanding corrosion protection and optimum compatibility with brake system’s sealing materials.”

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