Continental Aftermarket


Small production runs for special-purpose vehicles

We offer top quality for all production runs, big and small. We develop special solutions, specifically tailored to match your needs.

  • Brakes
    From sports cars to fork-lift trucks: We offer special brakes for every requirement, including custom solutions. Read more
  • Instrumentation
    Instrumentation solutions for all vehicle classes: always tailored to the vehicle, practical and economical. Read more
  • Sensors
    Our custom sensor solutions ensure reliability and safety even under extreme conditions. Read more
  • Radios
    We offer a wide choice of high-quality audio systems and accessories. Read more
  • Camera monitor systems
    Camera monitor systems
    Cameras and displays give drivers a better picture of the road, ensuring greater safety. Read more
  • Radar Based System
    Radar Based System
    RightViu Turn Assist as retrofit solution for more safety on the road More