Continental's Study „Sustainability in European Workshops"

Continental's Study „Sustainability in European Workshops"

The principle of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. Some areas have been acting according to it for centuries, in others it is only gradually gaining in importance. Accordingly, the expectations, demands and attitudes towards it are very diverse - as is the concrete behavior of suppliers and consumers.

We wanted to know: What significance does the topic have in the automotive aftermarket? How do drivers interpret it? How does it influence their actions when choosing a car repair shop? What offers do independent repair shops have in this regard? And how do they integrate aspects of sustainability into their daily operations?

The study

For this purpose, we carried out the survey “Sustainability in European workshops” in five European countries. At the end of 2023, the renowned market research institute Ipsos surveyed around 5,000 private workshop customers and 1,000 independent workshops in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Spain on our behalf. 1,000 online interviews with customers and 200 telephone interviews with workshops were conducted per country. The study shows that sustainability is very important to drivers - and thus offers the workshops sales potential.