One Person Test Lane (OPTL)

One Person Test Lane (OPTL)

A OPTL is the perfect solution to upgrade your existing MOT bay to one-person MOT status without paying for a brand new ATL.

  • It is also a great opportunity to replace old equipment to meet DVSA requirements with minimal disruption. Our OPTL packages include:
  • A replacement lift
  • Wheel play detectors
  • Turntables
  • Headlight tester
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • Jacking beam
  • X2 convex mirrors

If you are planning on becoming an MOT centre, our full ATL packages can get you up to full MOT status with three years manufacturer’s warranty.

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Colin Morris (Midlands, South East/West & South Wales)

Bob Greig (North of England, North Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

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