It’s unmistakable – it’s the original!

Continental product and brand protection

What the label says is what you get in Continental product packages.

We put a lot of passion and experience into the development of our products, so we don’t take kindly to inferior quality being sold with our name on the package!

We affix a two-stage security label to each product package, so you know 100% that it’s an original Continental product in there.

Stage 1: the tesa PrioSpot®

The first stage of the security label is the tesa PrioSpot®. This anti-counterfeiting technology with various testing and security features offers maximum protection and allows the unambiguous identification of imitations.

Every PrioSpot® has a unique code that contains the last four digits of the MAPP code and shines with iridescent rainbow colours under illumination.

The tesa Priospot® is a refinement of the tesa Holospot®. The Holospot® is still available on the market, however, and continues to provide maximum security.

Even high-performing products need protection

Our products themselves are also marked, permanently identifying them as original spare parts.

The trademark, part number, coded batch number and manufacturing date are stamped into our brake drums. Our other products also have their own distinguishing identity marks.

Stage 2: MAPP code

We also achieve maximum security by adding a data matrix code called a MAPP code. The last characters of this code are also represented in the Holospot® or PrioSpot®.

You can easily check the code by entering it manually on this page. You will see right away whether you have a genuine Continental part.

Enter the second line of the MAPP code without the preceding “(21)” in the following field.

Example of a MAPP code:

Resulting character string for the MAPP code query: 94YZPG084C6S

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